Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016-02-20: We're not dead yet!

On a balmy 55 degree February day I went out to see how the hives were doing.  I'm happy to report that at least three out of the four are alive!  The bees were using the top and bottom entrances on Yellow, Green and Split Hives.

Two items of concern came up and I walked around, both on the Split Hive.  First, they were showing signs of possible Nosema or Dysentery, although I suppose it may have been their first cleansing flight of the winter.

The second odd thing was that the mouse guard that was stapled across the bottom entrance appears to have been torn open.  I guess a skunk or something could have been clawing at it trying to get at some dead bees to eat?

Anyway, it was really good to see that most of the girls had made it this far.  Hopefully White hive was just really sleepy and none of the bees wanted to come out to play!

Hang in there just a while longer girls!!

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  1. This is great news!! That hive definitely looks like they have the runs. Keep us posted on what [if anything] you can do about it. I had one of my mouse guards ripped off, too. I'm guessing a skunk. At least he didn't knock anything over.