Monday, October 31, 2011

Decisions Decisions

You wouldn't think choosing a particular type of bee suit and veil would be an epic task of life changing proportions.  But when you start making a decision from a base of zero experience and no real point of reference you can get hung up on an endless stream of what ifs.  I like the way the collapsable veil looks and the only potential drawback that I can see is that you can turn your head and the veil does not turn with you.  The other types of hanging veils attached to a pith helmet wouldn't seem to have the same issue.  Not sure if there are any other factors to even consider.  So after way too much obsessing, I finally made a decision and bought it.

Sad to say that if it took this much analysis to determine one of the simplest items I will need to start beekeeping, what will it take to decide something really important!