Monday, October 31, 2011

Decisions Decisions

You wouldn't think choosing a particular type of bee suit and veil would be an epic task of life changing proportions.  But when you start making a decision from a base of zero experience and no real point of reference you can get hung up on an endless stream of what ifs.  I like the way the collapsable veil looks and the only potential drawback that I can see is that you can turn your head and the veil does not turn with you.  The other types of hanging veils attached to a pith helmet wouldn't seem to have the same issue.  Not sure if there are any other factors to even consider.  So after way too much obsessing, I finally made a decision and bought it.

Sad to say that if it took this much analysis to determine one of the simplest items I will need to start beekeeping, what will it take to decide something really important!


  1. I think you'll be happy with your suit choice -It's the same suit that I use.

    A full suit is a great choice for a beginner, especially looking to build up confidence when working the bees. Once you get comfortable, you can use a sheriff style jacket or just a veil.

    I've seen people work bees without any protective gear...while I'm very intrigued, I don't have that kind of confidence yet.

  2. Thanks for posting Chris. Yeah, I can see someday using just the jacket/veil combo after I am comfortable with everything. I have seen those that use no protection too and from what I've read, that is just crazy. It only takes one random sting in the eye to loose it. The glove question is the next step. I don't think I'm going with the big thick leather gloves but I'm not ready to go gloveless either. After some reading I think I'm going to try the 8 or 9 mil nitrile gloves. What do you use?

  3. I use a pair of inexpensive, thin leather work gloves that I picked up from Wal-Mart...nothing fancy.

    There are (in my opinion) two things I look for in gloves.

    1. Do they fit well and allow you the dexterity to move and actually "feel" what your holding onto? Bulky gloves could lead to a dropped frame full of bees, which is not fun. :)

    2. Do the cuffs of the gloves have elastic/fit snugly, or long enough to be covered by (or cover over) your sleeves to prevent the curious bee from crawling up into the open cuffs of the gloves?

    I've seen beekeepers at the club who use nitrile gloves and love them!

    If you use them, be sure to let us know how they work out!

  4. Hello New Bee Guy..

    Home Depot "Blue - Working Hands PVC-Coated Gloves" work great.... I started out using leather (thick) and the bees would sting right thru and you'd have to wash the gloves all the time. The Blue gloves are washable and the bees cant sting through. I just have a veil and double long sleeves with my blue gloves and havent had any problems as of lately. I suppose it depends on the attitude of the bees but the gloves are good for me.


    ps.. what part of Michigan

    1. Interesting, I'll have to give those a look too. Yeah, I guess you'd have to rethink your strategy if you had some really ornery bees, eh?

      Right in the "middle of the mitten" as we say. I'm in Freeland.